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This workout ebook will be 30 minutes a day for 30 days straight!

Hybrid workouts consisting of explosive, short burst, isometric and functional movements.

šŸ”„40 seconds of work

šŸš«15 seconds of rest


āœ”ļø3 Groups.

āœ”ļø3 Exercises.

āœ”ļø30 min each day.

āœ”ļø30 days.Ā 

Refund policy

***If you notify us before you receive the plan we prepare for you, we agree to refund your purchase price. However, once you have received a nutrition and/or exercise plan, ebook, or posing from us, your right to receive any refund expires.***


Alexander Fong and Zoe Brum are not a doctors or registered dietitians. The contents of the documents should not be taken as medical advice. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any health problem - nor is it intended to replace the advice of a physician. Always consult your physician or qualified health professional on any matters regarding your health. All documents included or exchanged between Alexander Fong/Zoe Brum and the Client are that of Alexander Fong/Zoe Brum and not be copied, sold or redistributed without consent of Alexander Fong/Zoe Brum.Ā 

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    "Throughout the 20 weeks I have been working with Alex, I have learned so much about myself both physically and mentally. This prep has taught me so much about bodybuilding and has amplified my passion!"