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8 weeks custom nutrition and custom workouts

Includes the following:

  • Custom nutrition plan: the plan is designed to YOU and YOUR body. It is written as a menu, giving you options for each meal. The plan is based on macro nutrients and overall caloric intake. The food options are created around foods you enjoy as well as nutrient dense foods. I not only want to give you results, but a plan that you ENJOY!

  • Custom workout plan: the plan is designed to YOU and YOUR goals. No matter where your starting point, I will design a plan that works for you and gets you to where you want to be. * HOME, GYM BASED, or HOME/GYM BASE plans available*

  • EBOOK: this is a 35+ page ebook full of information on nutrition and training along with your custom nutrition and custom workout plan. My goal with creating this ebook is to coach you step by step through everything as if I were there. I want you to feel like you know the ins and outs of your program so you can continue your progress further even after the 8 weeks. Treat this ebook as your “Fitness Manual” to continue to refer to overtime, and you will never fall off track again.

  • You will also receive our brand NEW Recipe Book! This is 15+ pages of yummy recipes. It will teach you how to incorporate your personal nutrition plan into each one of the recipes. There is also a "mocktail" drink section so you can enjoy a delicious drink without impacting your progress.

*Vegans/vegetarians will receive a step by step breakdown on how to convert/swap their personal nutrition plan into a different meal or food of their choice using MyFitnessPal instead of recipe book*

  • Text message access to me via WhatsApp to answer questions at any point

  • Check ins throughout the training to ensure you are always on track and making progress.



This option includes 16 weeks of 1-on-1 training with all of the above, PLUS  a Limitless Artistry x Limitless Training Experience box with a LTE training shirt, 32oz water bottle, wrist wraps, training sock, and stickers. 



Refund policy

***If you notify us before you receive the plan we prepare for you, we agree to refund your purchase price. However, once you have received a nutrition and/or exercise plan from us, your right to receive any refund expires.***


Alexander Fong and Zoe Brum are not a doctors or registered dietitians. The contents of the documents should not be taken as medical advice. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any health problem - nor is it intended to replace the advice of a physician. Always consult your physician or qualified health professional on any matters regarding your health. All documents included or exchanged between Alexander Fong/Zoe Brum and the Client are that of Alexander Fong/Zoe Brum and not be copied, sold or redistributed without consent of Alexander Fong/Zoe Brum. You agree that you are voluntarily participating in these activities and and assume all risks of injury.


    "I have done a couple rounds with Zoe on and off since the end of 2018. I let my busy life get in the way of prioritizing my health and fitness but thankfully got back to it January 2022. I am so thankful that she still took me seriously (after all my fall throughs) because wow I have never felt better!! I am finally at a place in my life where I feel comfortable with myself and the gym/ eating well is no longer a chore. This is all thanks to Zoe because she is with you every step of that way making sure everything works well for you. If things aren’t going too well she is always there to give tips and tricks on ways to improve. I’ll forever be thankful for you Zoe, you’re the BEST and I couldn’t have done it without you!!"


    "Thank you Zoe for giving me that extra push I needed to get further in my fitness journey.. reaching out to you has been the best decision I’ve made. Feeling my body get stronger week after week is so rewarding and not to mention your workouts have helped me build a different confidence in the gym, your workouts are always challenging but doable. I love that your training makes it easy to be able to reach your goals but also enjoy life while doing it.Im in love with all the changes my body has gone through in the process and I can’t wait to see what my next round will look like 💪🏼 Thank you Zoe for making this journey so fun and rewarding. I appreciate you and your training. I can write a book of the amazing experience I’ve had while doing you plan but kept it kinda short and sweet  💕"


    “I went from size 10-12 to a size 6 and my waist went from 35 inches to 28 inches!

    I am SO happy with my results!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!! So thankful for your help!!! Thank you so much Zoe!“ 


    "As an almost 50 year old female, I thought I could lose weight by simply cutting calories and moving more. When there was no progress, I reached out to Zoe. My initial goal was to lose weight and build strength. In the first 4 months, I obtained this and so much more. Through proper nutrition and fitness, I was able to reshape my body and I couldn’t be happier. I don’t think I could have see such a difference without the guidance and support from Zoe. Weekly check ins keep me accountable as I continue to see progress. I highly recommend Zoe as a coach. She listens to your needs and puts together a tailored plan with your goals in mind. If there are changes needed along the way, we work together to develop an alternate plan. I was having issues with pain in my back, so Zoe suggested some modifications to strength my back and core muscles. I was waking up hungry, so we adjusted my morning meal. I am so glad I am working with Zoe during this wellness journey. Round 2, let’s kill it!"


    “Working with Zoe was the most amazing and life changing experience I could ever ask for. I struggled for so long to find what works for me and I’m so thankful for everything Zoe taught me. She truly cares about all of her clients & helps you achieve whatever goals you set your mind to. There’s no one I would recommend more & no better investment than taking control of your health with Coach Zoe.”


    "My experience with Zoë and her workout/meal plan was worth every dollar. I have been working out on and off for the last 14 years and was seeking to find a way to stay consistent. I stumbled across her IG page and was extremely inspired by all of her client transformations. I did 3 sessions to truly feel educated enough on what it means to be on a consistent plan. I was able to accomplish all of my goals- lose fat, gain muscle, and muscle definition. This time around is different in terms of working out, it is a lifestyle for me, and I have Zoë to thank for that! Thank you for everything you were able to give to me and for changing my life."


    “Zoe has been a pivotal person in my life. I struggled with my weight ever since I was a kid—a mix of unhealthy eating habits and inconsistent exercise. When I met Zoe, I was at the point where I was ready to lose weight and finally feel comfortable in my skin. What I didn’t realize is Zoe would transform my life. Since working with her, I completely shifted my lifestyle that is now rooted in healthy eating habits, wellness and consistent physical movement. I lost 60+ pounds within 2 years but most importantly, I FEEL the difference in my mental and emotional health. Grateful I get to call Zoe my trainer.”


    “I started my fitness journey with Zoe 1 year ago. I was in a rut of cycling through eating extremely clean following by binge eating all of my cravings and also stuck in a plateau in my lifting routine. Zoe not only gave me a thorough meal plan and workout plan but also gave me plans that were specific to my goals, preferred foods, and rotating workouts so my body wouldn’t get “used to the same routine.” Our weekly check ins helped me hold myself accountable and she always shared encouragement and helped keep me motivated despite having “off” weeks. It’s been a year of working with her off and on and I am finishing up round 4 right before I get married. I feel confident, strong, sexy and overall much better about my overall health. I am so appreciative of her and the work she puts into each of her clients. I have recommended her to many friends and family who have been asking “you look incredible; what program are you doing?”
    My mood is boosted 🙌🏽
    My glutes are forever growing 🍑
    My accountability to myself has skyrocketed 🚀
    My mental health and mental strength thanks me everyday for this work! 🙌🏽
    Looking forward to maintaining this progress and physique remodeling“

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